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Positive Behavior Support

Bancroft is committed to our Positive Behavior Intervention Support/Restorative Practices (PBIS/RP) system focusing on restorative justice approaches to behaviors and discipline, and a "culture of caring" mentorship program.


2022-2023 updates

  • PBIS/RP meets regularly, at least every other week.
  • PBIS/RP updates are provided to the faculty at every faculty meeting during the school year.
  • PBIS/RP works with Region West and District Leaders to provide professional development and training on campus.
  • We are pleased to announce two parent members on the PBIS/RP Committee.
PBIS/RP Committee
  Yuletpsi Barreto PSA Counselor
  Amy Diaz Principal
  Pablo Flores Assistant Principal
  Premier Peavey School Climate Advocate
  Olivia Sharon Psychiatric Social Worker
  Aaron Simpson (323) 300-4517 History Department Chair
  Jereme Stark Categorical Program Advisor, EL Designee
  Eliza Tate 6th Grade Math/Science Teacher
  Marine Yanikian Sutton Instructional Coach