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School Councils

School Site Council (SSC)

School Site Council (SSC) is the decision-making council for all programs funded through the Consolidated Application. The SSC is responsible for all federal mandates, including those related to parent involvement, specifically the school Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy and budget (E046), Title 1 School-Parent Compact (pursuant to California Education Code 52852). The council is comprised of no fewer than 12 members, half of which is school faculty and staff with classroom teachers as the majority. The other half consists of parents or legal guardians not employed at the school, students, and community members. Public comment is allowable and guests are welcome.

Meeting dates: The 3rd Tuesday of designated months

Contact: Jereme Stark, Categorical Program Advisor
 323.993.3400 or [email protected]

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)

The English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC) is a state required council comprised of elected parents of current English learners (EL) that makes recommendations to SSC regarding the school's English Learner Program.

ELAC meets once a month and focuses on authentic and holistic parent voice.  The committee reviews EL data, provides input on relevant matters for EL students, and makes recommendations to SSC regarding the needs of English learners and the program.

Shared Decision Making (SDM)

We encourage you to make a difference in the governance of our school by participating in this year’s School Shared Decision Making Council (SDM). We will hold an orientation meeting for all who are interested in participating as a member or as a stakeholder in learning about our council and committee prior to the election of representatives.

SDM  is a decision making council to support student achievement, discipline, uniform, and school schedules.

Los incentivamos a marcar la diferencia en el gobierno escolar al participar este año en el Consejo Compartido de Decisiones Escolares (SDM, por sus siglas en inglés). 
Tendremos una orientación para todos los que están interesados en participar como miembro o como parte interesada para aprender sobre nuestro consejo y comité antes de la elección de representantes.

SDM  es un consejo que hace decisiones para apoyar los metas  disciplina, el uniforme y los horarios escolares.

School Council Contacts
  Amy Diaz Principal
  Jereme Stark Categorical Program Advisor, EL Designee